In collaborating with you we can create something new. We want to generate mind-blowing ideas, create ground-breaking innovations, solve existing problems and put the new developments to test right away. All of this is possible at crowderland. Your ideas are collected in contests or workshops and the best ideas will be rewarded or refunded with previously set fees.

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Please register first on the welcome page and thoroughly read the Terms & Conditions

Please note: you need to be 18 years or older to register.

After completing the form you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please click on the link to complete the registration. After successful registration you can login with your user name and password when you visit the site. It’s also possible to register and login with your Facebook-login.

View and change profile

You can view your personal information and activities in the profile section. Here you can change your settings, view your contributions and ideas, and set bookmarks. The icons below your name inform you about your activity level and the number of credits you’ve earned.


The pinboard lists all your activities in relation to the projects that you’ve subscribed to with a bookmark or in which you play an active role.


Bookmarks include the projects you are subscribed to. This section also allows you to manage your projects.

My solutions

The tab “My solutions” lists all your comments and proposals.


Here you can manage your profile, change your personal information, and decide how we stay in touch. We also recommend that you upload a profile picture.

Submit ideas, comment on proposals, participate in polls, vote

The welcome page features an overview of all projects by always displaying the most recent projects. For older projects you need to click on the link below.

Each project page includes a project description with a specific problem or question. A project may consist of only a single phase or several phases. These may include polls, a brainstorming or votes on submitted proposals.

Submit your own proposals, comment on existing proposals

Read about the projects you are interested in and click “Participate now”. Now it’s up to you to place your proposals or comment on, like or refine ideas that have already been submitted.

Chose meaningful titles for your proposals and describe them in short and concise sentences in the text box below. For a better understanding you may add a drawing or an image to your proposal. We recommend submitting each proposal separately. Don’t submit several proposals at the same time.

For each contribution you may write your comments in the designated text box. Confirm with “Send comment”.

The right navigation bar includes a project overview that informs you about the project phase, the ideas that have been submitted and the project’s most active participants. Here you can bookmark the project or you may share it with your friends.


During the voting phase you can chose your favourite from the pool of proposals. You have a limited number of stars available which you can deliberately divide among different proposals. The total number of stars appears at the top left corner above the voting area. The contribution with the most stars is the winner.

During the proposal phase you already have the opportunity to “like” contributions.

Report duplicates

An idea is considered to be a duplicate if

1.         the content is identical, and if

2.         the idea was submitted at a later date.

It’s not always easy to decide whether an idea is a duplicate or not. Moderators and crowderland are always trying to get to a fair evaluation by deciding from case to case and to the best of their knowledge and conscience. For a better understanding we provide the following example taken from the naming challenge of our platform:

Crowderful – Crowderfully [Idee #304]

like wonderful(ly)... a beautiful creation and inspiration platform for a Crowd full of people!

This is the duplicate that was submitted at a later date with an identical name and a very similar description:

Crowderful [Idee #375]

Crowderful – finding wonderful solutions to every challenges

from creative crowd. *Brand is not yet registered *URL is still available

This example is not a duplicate:


Crowdful in the style of successful or a made-up-word out of Crowd and helpful

If you discover a duplicate that fulfils the criteria mentioned above, please report it in the idea section by selecting: “activities > report > duplicate”.

After the moderator’s evaluation the duplicate ideas will be combined.

The older contribution is considered to be the original version, while the newer version is a simple contribution.

I don’t use crowderland anymore – how can I delete my account?

Please send an email to to delete your account.

Report inappropriate ideas

In accordance with reporting duplicates you can also report dangerous or offensive contributions. Please select the contribution in question, click “Activities > Report” and report the incident.

Award process

At project kick off the client / sponsor of each project determines the award form (contests, crowderland credits), the award amount, the reward form (monetary reward, products, gift certificates etc.) and their distribution (number of winners). It is also possible to combine both award forms.


A jury consisting of the client / sponsor and / or the community determines the best contributions which will be rewarded afterwards.

Collecting crowderland credits

This award form rewards your activity level in the project measured by the number of credit points that you are collecting. The winner is that project participant who has earned the most credit points at the end of the project.

Please be aware: the abuse of credit point collection by for example uploading meaningless comments or non-related images will be punished and the respective contribution will be deleted.

Crowderland credit points

The following activities are rewarded with this amount of credit points:

For each proposal: 5 credit points

For each comment: 1 credit point

For each upload (images, attachment etc.): 3 credit points

For own proposals that were “liked” by other users: 3 credit points

For each vote: 3 credit points

Notification and rewarding of winners

The winners will be notified separately. Products will be mailed, a possible payment of a monetary reward will be made via Paypal or bank transfer.

As of April 28th, 2017