What is the origin of the name “crowderland”?

The name “crowderland” is the result of a crowdsourced idea challenge. Innovators were asked to come up with a name for this new crowdsourcing platform.

Crowderland is a made-up-word and describes the platform as a virtual land, a land of wonders or adventures, which welcomes each and every innovator to collaboratively come up with new ideas or create new products.

How do I describe a good idea?

Choose an engaging and meaningful title for your idea.

Describe briefly the thoughts that circle around your idea so that the client / sponsor is involved in your thought process.

Include all key points in your description; don’t put any important information in the comments (innovators mainly use comments to exchange information and comments are generally not considered in the award process).

For a better understanding complete your input with an expressive image or a drawing.

Verify your input once again and click “Send proposal” to submit the idea.

Each submission may only include a single idea / approach. Don’t combine several ideas within a single contribution.

Are they any crowderland usage guidelines for crowderland users?

Yes. You can find them in the Terms & Conditions and in the netiquette section.

Which browsers do you recommend?

We recommend the following browser for a flawless crowderland experience:

Desktops / Laptops

            • Chrome (> C 47)

            • Firefox (> FF 43)

            • Safari (> S 9)

            • Internet Explorer (only IE 11)

            • Edge (all versions)

            • Opera (not supported)


            • Chrome for Android (> 55)

            • Android Browser (> 44)

            • Firefox for Android (officially not supported)

            • UC Browser (> 11)


            • Safari (> 9.3)


            • Blackberry Browser (not supported)

Windows Mobile

            • IE Mobile (officially not supported)

Who owns the rights to the ideas?

If an idea is part of a public campaign on crowderland, the rights belong to everyone. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you give all other innovators as well as the company that issued the call for proposals the right to refine your ideas without deriving any rights from this.

How do I vote?

During the voting phase you can chose your favourite from the pool of proposals. You have a limited number of stars available which you can deliberately divide among different proposals. The total number of stars appears at the top left corner above the voting area. The contribution with the most stars is the winner.

During the proposal phase you already have the opportunity to “like” contributions.

What are duplicates?

An idea is considered to be a duplicate if

1.         the content is identical, and if

2.         the idea was submitted at a later date.

It’s not always easy to decide whether an idea is a duplicate or not. Moderators and crowderland are always trying to get to a fair evaluation by deciding from case to case and to the best of their knowledge and conscience. For a better understanding we provide the following example taken from the naming challenge of our platform:

Crowderful – Crowderfully [Idee #304]

like wonderful(ly)... a beautiful creation and inspiration platform for a Crowd full of people!

This is the duplicate that was submitted at a later date with an identical name and a very similar description:

Crowderful [Idee #375]

Crowderful – finding wonderful solutions to every challenges

from creative crowd. www.crowderful.ch *Brand is not yet registered *URL is still available

This example is not a duplicate:


Crowdful in the style of successful or a made-up-word out of Crowd and helpful

How do I report a duplicate?

If you discover a duplicate that fulfils the criteria mentioned above, please report it in the idea section by selecting: “activities > report > duplicate”.

After the moderator’s evaluation the duplicate ideas will be combined. The older contribution is considered to be the original version, while the newer version is a simple contribution.

I don’t use crowderland anymore – how can I delete my account?

Please send an email to info@crowderland.com to delete your account.

As of April 28th, 2017