New Privacy Policy

Posted on 25.05.2018 by Urs Isenegger

At crowderland, your privacy and your data security have the highest priority. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the changes to our privacy policy , which come into effect on May 25, 2018. These changes reflect the new regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU GDPR). This increases your information rights and the protection of your personal data.

Below is a brief summary of the changes:

  • We have revised the sections "Collection of personal data" and "Special personal data" so that the purpose and methods of data collection are clear.

  • In the sections "Protection of personal data" and "Data storage", we have added additional information on where your data is stored, what is stored and how personal data can be deleted.

  • In the section "Social Media" we discuss how a link to social media platforms can be prevented.

  • In the section "Cookie" we describe when and for what purposes cookies are used and how they can be deactivated.

Inform you...

Read more... is celebrating its first anniversary

Posted on 09.05.2018 by Urs Isenegger

Exactly one year ago we published our very first project on , our platform for idea management, crowdsourced innovation, agile product development and crowdtesting. Thank you @Parfa Parfumerie and Kosmetik AG for the successful start.

In our first year we were able to successfully carry out 10 more projects with 1400 participants, who contributed more than 2300 ideas, comments and evaluations.

At this point we would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all innovators for their active participation and all our customers for their trust.

A big thank you also goes to our partner companies @Innosabi GmbH for the best SW and the most professional support as well as @, @ATIZO 360 ° and @passbrains ag for the good cooperation.

And because celebrating together is more fun, we're offering our customers a 20% discount on all project orders for one month starting today.

Your Crowderland team

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Case Study: Crowdsourced Innovation for Baumann Optik AG

Posted on 13.04.2018 by Urs Isenegger

How do you develop #Ideas with #users for an even better #customer service? Using #Crowdsourced #Innovation. Using the example of @Baumann Optik AG, this case study shows how such a project is implemented.
...

New co-creation project of Arrow Hand Cream & Foot Cream

Posted on 09.02.2018 by Urs Isenegger

On which occasions do you use foot cream and what are your requirements for a good foot cream?

Participate now!

The first 30 participants will receive a voucher for an ARROW foot cream.



Market research survey translation agencies

Posted on 07.02.2018 by Urs Isenegger

"Which translation agencies do you know and what qualities are important to you when choosing a translation agency?"

With this survey, we want to explore the level of awareness of individual translation agencies and your translation services needs.

The survey does not take longer than 5 minutes.

Thank you for the participation.



The winning ideas of the project "What excites me with my optician?"

Posted on 26.01.2018 in Was begeistert mich bei meinem Optiker? by Urs Isenegger

Dear innovators

We have evaluated, categorized and discussed with our client, Baumann Optik, numerous proposals "What makes me enthusiastic about my optician?". Many ideas can be implemented with the means available or provide a good starting point for further elaboration. At the moment it is still unclear how many measures will be implemented.

We would like to award the following 16 ideas, which in our opinion fit best with the strategy and the target audience of Baumann Optik and congratulate the winners:

  • Comfortable at home eyewear selection sample wear

  • The right glasses thanks to the type-specific purchasing advice

  • 3D image of the head section for optimal adaptation and selection

  • Smartglasses

  • See well, look good - everything under one roof

  • Alternative treatments

  • The diet affects the eyesight

  • coupon Books

  • Digital processing (before, during and after the purchase / visit)

  • glasses course

  • The Baumann glasses subscription

  • BOB app ensures enthusiasm among customers

  • Ideal ...

Happy Holidays

Posted on 21.12.2017 by Urs Isenegger

The crowderland team wishes you all happy holidays and a happy new year in a successful 2018!

Dear crowderland community

A special and intense year is coming to an end.

Crowderland was discovered in the world of crowdsourcing and open innovation only in early May of this year, and yet crowderland has already been populated by 854 innovators and feedback providers.

More than 500 valuable ideas were created on 14 topics, comments were made and more than 800 opinions were obtained in various feedback sessions and surveys.

Thank you very much. Keep it up!

Crowderland lives from you "its inhabitants" and your good ideas, your creativity and your feedback.

We hope that many more lateral thinkers and creative minds will find their way to crowderland and help to create new things and to test and evaluate prototypes. In crowderland there is still plenty of room for good ideas and constructive feedback.

We continue to do our utmost to bring many exciting projects to crowderland, which m...


Project: "What inspires me with my optician?" Appointment of the winning entry / entries in January

Posted on 20.12.2017 in Was begeistert mich bei meinem Optiker? by Urs Isenegger

Dear innovators

With the appointment of the winning entry or the winning entries of the project "What excites me with my optician?" We unfortunately have to put you off into January.

Together with our client, we will evaluate the project after the Christmas business in January and select the winner (s).

Thank you for your understanding.

We thank you for your dedicated participation in this project and wish you and your families happy holidays and a happy new year.

We also hope to be able to count on your active support in 2018.

Best regards

Your crowderland team


End of the proposal phase "What inspires me with my optician?"

Posted on 04.12.2017 in Was begeistert mich bei meinem Optiker? by Urs Isenegger

Dear innovators

Thank you for your numerous and interesting ideas. Together with Baumann-Optik we will now look at your suggestions, group them and then choose the winning idea or the winning ideas.

We wish you a nice pre-Christmas time.

Best regards

Your crowderland team and Baumann optics



Join now!

Posted on 24.11.2017 by Urs Isenegger

The idea-brainstorming project "What excites me with my optician?" Is still online for 6 days. So why not join us, enter ideas and share the link with friends!

500 CHF wave for the best contribution!