More innovation through crowdsourcing

Crowderland is the new online platform for innovation management through crowdsourcing. Your ideas are collected in contests or workshops. The best ideas will be rewarded or refunded with previously set fees.

At crowderland we believe that better results can be achieved through collaboration and the use of collective intelligence instead of working in solitude from home. Together with you we aim to achieve more: we want to generate mind-blowing ideas, create ground-breaking innovations, solve existing problems and test these exciting approaches right away. All of this is possible at crowderland.

Crowderland relies on the latest platform technology by Innosabi, a leading software provider for idea and innovation management. The software is not only very easy to handle, but also features a high level of user-friendliness. It offers all functions that are needed for up-to-date collaborative projects.

Swintelligence, the company behind crowderland, supports corporations to use crowdsourcing in a profitable way and provides both the platform (PaaS) as well as access to the community.

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