Was begeistert mich bei meinem Optiker?

In diesem Brainstorming-Projekt wollen wir zusammen mit Euch Ideen sammeln, wie Euer nächster Besuch beim Optiker aussehen soll, dass er für Euch zum echten Einkaufserlebnis wird.

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Wie wird mein Besuch beim Optiker zum echten Einkaufserlebnis?

Wenn Du Dich an Deine letzten Einkäufe oder Beratungen von gleich- oder höherwertigeren Produkten zurück erinnerst, wie zum Beispiel der Kauf von Designer Modeartikeln, hochwertigem Schmuck, individuell hergestellten Möbeln, eines neuen Fahrrades oder gar beim Kauf Deines letzten Autos:

Was hat Dich bei diesen Beratungen / Einkäufen begeistert?

Welche kleinen oder grossen Aufmerksamkeiten sind Dir geblieben?

Was könnte Dein Optiker von Beratungen / Dienstleistungen anderer Branchen auf seine eigenen adaptieren?

Wir sind gespannt auf Eure zahleichen und kreativen Ideen.

Wir wünschen Euch viel Spass und viel Erfolg mit diesem Projekt.

    digital processing (before, during and after purchase / visit)

    during the actual visit one can almost not make it better, with the "round-around" and in the administrative I would everything "digital" wish, ie
    - I automatically get a phone, email or SMS when a check is announced (I do not have to worry about it)
    - I get a day before an SMS as a reminder
    - the invoice I get by email (no paper)
    - before the standard warranty of my glasses and / or spectacle frame has expired, I also automatically get a notice (not that I have to remember these dates)
    - that I do not have to wait for an agreed date, of course
    - Coffee is already offered to me today
    - one takes enough time for me, is today already so

    This is for me customer service, before, during and after the purchase / visit in the shop and so I like to come back again and again ... :-)

    digital memory SMS meeting before and after the event Customer Service
    Daniel 1 day ago on the 18.10.2017 18:37

    A high-quality spectacle case for glasses

    I am annoyed when buying glasses, if I for the glasses far over 1000 € issue and to get a cheap glasses case with advertising imprinted. Honestly, no one needs that.
    Make it better! Give your customers high-quality glasses a suitable high-quality case without advertising.

    glasses case
    Ute 1 day ago on the 18.10.2017 11:38

    Environmentally friendly: The optician without plastic bags

    The problem of plastic bags is known:
    - energy consumption during production, usually only once, rotting up to 100 years, danger to the environment (fish, birds, food chain, etc.)

    Therefore my suggestion: The optician without plastic bags!

    Alternatives are paper bags or best cotton bags!
    Both also need energy and water to produce, but rotten after a few weeks (paper), or months (fabric) in nature. Fabric bags are also usable several times!

    Also an action as in Traunstein with the so-called Beidl birch
    would inspire me! There you can borrow a bag of birches at no cost!
    In Heiligenhafen, an optician also participates in this action, see

    plastic plastic bags environment
    Josef 1 day ago on the 18.10.2017 09:49

    Drink and opportunity to rest

    When I suddenly felt bad in the pharmacy suddenly, I received a free tea and I could rest and relax on a couch, in a separate area.

    Offer their customers in a distress something similar.

    tea bad pharmacy relax free
    Andreas 6 days ago on the 13.10.2017 09:48

    VR glasses / mixed-reality glasses

    When visiting a multimedia business, I was able to try the latest VR glasses and mixed reality glasses free of charge.
    Offer glasses with software, which show me the effect of different types of glasses, glasses, eyesight, corrections, etc., while I use them and / or in the optics business with it.

    multimedia AR MR Augmented Reality Mixed Reality glasses
    Andreas 6 days ago on the 13.10.2017 09:44

    Luxury Goods Business

    In order to make a luxury goods business out of a store for eyeglasses justifying the high margin, it is not enough to offer the customer only drinks. Probably it needs more:

    - Selection of beverages
    - Consultation by at least two multi-lingual staff (with manicured fingernails, as demanded in the upper watch trade)
    - Consultation by appointment only
    - Consultation also outside the opening hours and also at home or in the hotel
    - Organization of transport
    - Discreet consultation in closed rooms
    - Consultation rooms with variable lighting to be able to see the new glasses in all conditions (daylight, interior lighting, ...)
    - video recordings and reproductions in order to assess the effect of spectacles on television
    - If necessary: ​​make-up artist, hearing aid consultant, diamond seller, ...

    luxury goods Luxury Goods Business
    Stefan 6 days ago on the 13.10.2017 08:59

    Voucher for something sweet

    Not exactly a vocalist when I learned at my last visit to the optician that my year was time for glasses. If you give me a voucher for coffee and chocolate at Vollenweider (or another nearby confectionery), it would be a good idea.

    to comfort Mood Voucher coffee chocolate Confiserie
    Andreas 7 days ago on the 12.10.2017 08:58

    Catalog with me on the cover

    A furniture trader offered to depict myself on the cover in my apartment on the cover - as an exclusive catalog version for me and my acquaintances. Light me up in the optics business and print an exclusive advertising for me!

    furniture retailer Cover Catalog advertising brochure
    Andreas 7 days ago on the 12.10.2017 08:48

    Autogrammstunde / Apéro with celebrities

    A drugstore engaged a professional sportswoman for an autograph and photo session on healthy eating. Which prominent eyeglass or contact lens carriers could you engage with, who will let existing and new customers visit their business?

    drugstore autograph professional athletes photo Prominent
    Andreas 7 days ago on the 12.10.2017 08:46

    Augentraining by instruction by optician or Gratiskurs

    With special eye training, ie self-help, the required dioptry of a required spectacle can be improved or at least maintained for a long time at a certain level.
    That's why:
    My optician could inspire me with a special eye training!

    - especially for people with increased screen usage

    - by manual on site
    - Gratiscurs with, for example, an eye trainer or the Volkshochschule (in Germany) and comparable institutions in other countries
    - by video, reference to information in the new media, etc.

    eye workout
    Josef 8 days ago on the 11.10.2017 22:31

    coupon Books

    Voucher for a shopping in the next Büchermgeschäft, so I can test my reading glasses the same.

    Voucher reading glasses Test Büchergeschäft
    Andreas 8 days ago on the 11.10.2017 11:31

    90 nights per night, with return

    My new mattress started to disturb my sleep after a few weeks. I was able to return them problemously and got discuselessly and immediately the full purchase price reimbursed. In mattress business this is a rarity. The optician should be just as kind as to return items, B. Spectacle frame: A generously dimensioned number of sample support days and an uncomplicated rewinding of problems.

    mattress sleep return purchase price trial day
    Andreas 8 days ago on the 11.10.2017 11:25

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